Hi, I am Rafael Revi.

Below is a brief chronology of events, experiences and professional work I’ve completed.


  • I start using Helidon to develop back-end services. (If you care about performance, like I do, go read about Helidon Nima)
  • I start using a Preact based front-end framework to develop front-end services.
  • One of the lead developers of a Oracle JET based GUI (front-end) service for other Oracle products to consume in their own Web-based GUIs.
  • As one of the lead developers of a microservices platform team, I supported other developers to deliver services for both front-end users and to other Oracle product teams.


  • Promoted to Principal Applications Engineer
  • Lead a development effort, using Oracle JET, to create a Custom Web Component as a way to modularize, package, and distribute common UI code to be used across multiple product lines.
  • As one of the lead developers, contributed to the development of a new microservice based on the actor system framework Akka.
  • Contributed to building a http server in front of a actor system based app using the Akka HTTP module (read: REST API).
  • Contributed to adding event persistence support using the Akka Persistence module to an actor system based app.
  • Contributed to adding a business domain object persistence layer to a actor system based app using the Java Persistence API.
  • Documented and performed many knowledge transfer sessions to on-board developers to a new microservice application based on the actor system framework Akka.
  • Contributed to an effort to update a legacy Java-based application to meet FedRAMP compliance (read: performed security vulnerabilities scans and updated code to remedy said vulnerabilities)
  • Contributed to effort to move a on-premise software product to the Cloud
  • Researched and introduced my colleagues to containers, Docker, and to Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes (including a presentation put together by me)
  • Researched and introduced my colleagues to Docker for Rails Developers (including live code demo by me)
  • Contributed to developing CI/CD pipelines in GitLab
  • Contributed to integrating to an ELK based logging service (this included me developing k8s configmaps and lots of kubectl)
  • Scrum Master
  • Developed a HTML5 video file + audio file player using the Javascript Media APIs (this is a telecom thing, where sometimes you have VoIP networks where the two media are recorded separately)
  • Integrated the net-ldap gem into a Rails application
  • Removed deprecated code from a legacy Rails application
  • Converted a monolith Rails application to a API only application (in preparation for a new front-end framework)
  • Integrated the Oracle JET client-side framework into a Rails application
  • Mentored and lead junior Rails developers
  • Started using Git and GitLab
  • Scrum Master
  • Introduced Brakeman security vulnerability testing, vulnerability tracking and vulnerability fixing to the software release cycle of a Rails application
  • Conducted accessibility testing, issue tracking and issue fixing in the software release cycle of a Rails application
  • Implemented use of the http cookie domain attribute in a Rails application
  • Upgraded a Rails application to Rails 5.1
  • Implemented Localization and Internationalization on a Rails application (a.k.a. i18n)
  • Refactored a Rails application to use AJAX the Rails way Updates were on both front-end and server-end
  • Introduced junior developers to Ruby and to Rails
  • Upgraded a Rails application to Rails 5.0
  • Upgraded a Rails application to use the latest versions of JQuery
  • Updated third-party software (mostly gems) to their latest as part of the software release cycle
  • Contributed to the development of bash shell scripts which would backup application critical config and data to improve upgrade process for customers
  • Promoted to Senior Software Developer
  • Integrated audio media playback to ObserveIt screen capture images as part of a complete solution (for the contact center industry)
  • Updated a Rails app/product to use HTTPS by default
  • Developed Ruby based scripts that use the openssl gem to generate certificates, encrypt plain text strings, and generate key-stores as part of my teams dev tooling kit
  • Lead effort to rebrand a UI to use Oracle branding assets
  • Developed Rails integration tests, using Capybara and the Selenium Web Driver, as part of TDD effort
  • Contributed to bash shell scripts used for generating software builds
  • Acme Packet, Inc. is acquired by Oracle, Inc.
  • Attended the JQuery Conference in Toronto, CA. Soon after, built a JQuery Mobile prototype of a product for the ISR team at Acme Packet. The prototype eventually becomes a supported product and component of the ISR platform.
  • Attended the Wicked Good Ruby Conference in Boston, MA. In addition to the conference, I attended and completed the Refactoring Rails Workshop by @kytrinyx at the DockYard offices in Boston, MA.
  • Integrated the ISR Dashboard to the BroadSoft’s BroadWorks, SOAP based, Single Sign On API.
  • Recipient of an Acme Packet Innovation Award in recognition of an ISR GUI test tool using JMeter.
  • I receive a Master of Science in Information Technology from Bentley University.
  • Attended the MongoDB Conference in Boston. Designed a prototype of a database for a potential product for the ISR team at Acme Packet. Additionally, performed load tests on a 10M+ document MongoDB database.
  • Received a Certificate of Completion for CS169.1x Software as a Service from BerkeleyX, EdX.
  • Throughout this year, I enhance the ISR Dashboard to support the relative new SIPREC protocol for VoIP Recording. As part of this enhancement, we built an Advanced Searching feature for multi-relational metadata (read: Adv. SQL queries).
  • Newfound Communications, Inc is acquired by Acme Packet, Inc. for their IP Call Recorder product. The IP Call Recorded become the Net-Net Interactive Session Recorder (ISR). I stay on as Software Engineer with a focus on GUI development for ISR.
  • I maintain two different dashboards for the ISR. One is J2EE based and the other is Ruby on Rails based. I migrate them both from running on Windows to running on Linux. I become solely responsible for the phasing out the J2EE based dashboard and migration all features to the RoR based dashboard.
  • I develop a dynamic IVR solution for the State of Utah’s Poison Control Center. This includes full stack design and implementation. The stack consisted of a MySQL database, a J2EE based IVR application running on Tomcat, and a GWT based J2EE GUI also running on Tomcat.
  • I start to performance test Newfound Communication’s home grown products more extensively. I use JMeter to automate performance testing and place heavy traffic on the IP Call Recorder’s GUI. I also test the performance of the GUI against large volumes of data (100M+ database records).
  • This year I start collaborating with the Research and Development group engineers on Performance Testing every aspect of the IP Call Recorder. I generate SIP traffic with SIPp, monitor and optimize the impact of large volume of data on the product, etc.
  • I learn Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JQuery! I start contributing fixes and new features to the IP Call Recorder’s User Dashboard.
  • This year I start work on Perfomance Testing. I work on monitoring the impact of large volumes of data on the GUI we’ve developed for some of Newfound Communication’s customers.
  • This year I learn Google’s Web Toolkit (GWT). I contribute bug fixes, new features, and performance enhancements (mostly SQL optimization) to a GWT based GUI for one of Newfound Communication’s biggest customers.
  • Developed IVR applications that integrate to the Newfound Communications IP Call Recorder, an enterprise grade VoIP call recorder.
  • I start to help provide customer support during the off hours for the hosted business of Newfound Communications, Inc.
  • This year I start using Java at a professional level. I develop J2EE applications to serve dynamic content for voice apps. I use Hibernate and Spring on the backend to speed up development and focus on the business requirements.
  • This year I learn VXML and about Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application design. Designing IVR applications, through flow of dialog, teaches me the importance and value of user experience. I also integrate the voice apps to the two leading platforms for IVR: Nuance’s Platform and Voxeo’s Prophecy.
  • June - Accepted and started a full time employment as a Software Engineer at Newfound Communications, Inc. for the Professional Services group.
  • May - Received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems and a Minor Degree in Computer Science from Merrimack College. In addition, I also received the following honors: Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s List, J. W. O’Brien Scholarship, and Merrimack College Presidential Scholar.